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Building a Better Bird Dog By Developing Control And Obedience

At Centerville Farm and Kennel, we train pointing dogs for bird hunting. The primary breeds we work with are Brittanys, Vizsla, English Setters, and German Shorthairs. We train by the hour and work with you, the handler, on how to command the dog. We'll get your dog into sharp hunting shape.

Learning Progression

Our sessions begin with an evaluation of your dog and your needs.  Afterward, we move onto introducing the dog to liberated birds before steadying them for wing and shot. Ultimately, we finish the dog on wild birds. Training includes:

Obedience - Handling - Field Trialing - Problem Solving - Force-on-Fetch

Train Alongside Your Dog

We want you to participate in the dog's education! This is something most trainers do not do. Our method lets you learn what your dog is capable of, develop the knowledge to make corrections, and take the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Training Is Available for Any Schedule:
Hourly - Weekly - Monthly - Longer Term

Affordable Classes

Centerville Farm and Kennel offers reasonable rates for all our training. Pricing is $60 per hour or $600 per month. Hourly sessions are typically the best as they allow for more owner-oriented participation. Long Term rates are available.

Experienced Trainers

Our staff has the experience to handle any situation that may arise, ensuring your dog gets trained no matter what. Since we have a small number of dogs at any one time, your dog gets lots of quality attention.

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